I’ve known Tina forever. We went to Middle School and high school together. Dawn has known Tina since kindergarten. Tina was also a bridesmaid in Cindy & Tommy’s wedding.  Manny I just met fairly recently.  Tina seems to like him an awful lot.  He is a manager.  I like Manny too.  We all had a grand time in Perkasie the other week on their engagement shoot.  I really look forward to seeing them again…..maybe with Cindy & Tommy for dinner sometime soon.  Sound like a plan?  (I’m choosing to communicate this way because I assume that Tina, Manny, Cindy and Tommy will all see this post making this just another way to invite them all to dinner).  Seriously Tina & Manny this shoot was a blast.  Thank you for being so fun and up for anything, like experimenting with Polaroids and accidental double exposures.  Let’s se each other real soon……shall we?