Tina & Manny are the definition of a perfect match if by defining “perfect match” you look for endless laughter and simple comfort of is a very easy and natural relationship. These two are just perfect together.  I have known Tina for almost ever.  We went to school together from middle school on through 12th grade. That was quite a while ago. In fact, Tina and I saw each other just a couple weeks after her wedding at our 20th high school reunion. Yeah, we’re old.  Anyway….The wedding day took place on a crisp autumn day in November at Bally Spring Inn in Barto Pa.  Everything took place on the grounds of the inn and almost a lot of the guests stayed overnight which made for a never ending party and bonfire after the reception concluded.  It was quite a fun crowd.  I was happy to have Alexa Nahas join me as my 2nd photographer.  She started with Manny and the guys and they all got along right off the bat.  I found my usual spot in with the ladies as Tina and her girls got the final touches applied to hair and makeup.  The ceremony was officiated by a husband and wife team who were very close family friends of Tina’s.  Manny’s son, Tyler gave a heartfelt toast to his dad and Tina at the reception and the party kicked off from there and didn’t end until late in the night at the bon-fire behind the barn at Bally Springs.  Tina & Manny……you know I love you guys.  It was an honor to be bale to capture this day for you and your families.  Enjoy your photos.  And let’s schedule that dinner already can we?!?!