One of the greatest parts of doing this for a living is having the opportunity to work with the couples we once photographed on their wedding day ¬†again as they grow their family. Such is the case with Tina & Manny who we photographed twice before on their engagement session and on their wedding day. This session however was to take their son Gavin’s baby photos in Collegeville. Now Tina and I have known each other for a very long time. We graduated from high school together. Manny and I have since become close as well. Manny is the type of person you like about 2 seconds after shaking his hand for the first time. I was thrilled for these two when Gavin was born and I was honored that they asked me over to their home to photograph their new son. Gavin is such a sweet boy and he is growing quickly (as all children do). Tina, Manny and Gavin came to see us just a couple months ago during our fall mini sessions and he was all sorts of mobile and pretty much walking on his own…..and eating leaves left and right!

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