Hiring a wedding coordinator is never a bad idea. Wedding coordinators are not a splurge. Hiring a planner will be one of the best investments in time and your sanity before and during the wedding day. Without a coordinator you are the one that will have to answer the thousands of questions about your wedding.


This is us! These are the faces behind the e-mails and on the other end of the phone. We are a friendly, outgoing (and sometimes goofy) crew of story tellers. We enjoy working in partnership with our clients to create heartfelt, beautiful images and movies that will be treasured by family and friends for generations to come. Our easy-going, approachable manner helps to create a welcoming atmosphere which allows one’s true self to be captured authentically and naturally through the camera’s lens.

Take a look below and get to know us a bit!

Pete Malone

I am the owner and lead photographer at Two17 Photo & Cinema. I’ve been shooting weddings professionally since 2004 and I still get excited and nervous for each and every shoot. I absolutely love what I do because I genuinely enjoy working with and getting to know all sorts of different people. I really was made to do this job! As cheesy as it may sound, I love capturing and freezing moments in time. I am endlessly photographing my own family in an effort to try to preserve each moment and subtle feeling of the various phases of our lives. Take a look for yourself over at my personal photo blog.

My wife Dawn and I have been close friends since meeting in our 7th grade homeroom. She was alphabetically seated behind me for every morning of that year. I am Malone and she is (still) a Martesi….a fact that is fun to bring up very once in a while to my mother in-law who gets ever so slightly annoyed with Dawn for keeping her maiden name. Dawn and I have two little ones and three cats at home. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize just how lucky I am to be married to my best friend. She is a wonderful partner, the world’s best mother and one of the most compassionate, caring and inspiring middle school teachers in the country. I am one lucky guy, that’s for sure.

When enjoying time off you can find our kids playing mermaids or Star Wars with each other, the cats clawing all our furniture, Dawn re-organizing the entire kitchen (again) and me wondering where all the utensils just went. It’s fun.


We have known Michelle since she was a middle school field hockey player when Dawn coached her 7th grade team. We’ve been close for quite some time and now she’s one of us! She runs the ship around here during the week as the office manager taking care of communications, album designs, editing and much more. On weekends you will most likely find Michelle surrounded by fake mustaches and oversized bowties during wedding receptions when she runs our photo booth.

Michelle has a five year old cattle dog/lab mix named Bella. She runs her own Etsy shop where she sells the coolest custom painted glassware items. Michelle is the only person that can give our daughter, Frankie a proper “Elsa braid”. And don’t even think about taking Michelle’s highly coveted front row spot at Zumba class on Monday and Wednesday evenings!


Tom is our main associate photographer and our go to 2nd shooter. I photographed Tom and his wife, Kate’s wedding in 2014. Almost a year later we ran into each other at their friend’s wedding where Tom asked if we needed any help. He has been photographing weddings, engagements and family sessions with us ever since. Tom’s background as a newspaper photojournalist has given him a great eye for natural and candid moments that are all too often overlooked. He is a naturally gifted photographer with a wonderful sense for composing and creating a perfect image. During the week Tom works in Philadelphia as an emergency room medical tech. So if there is any sort of medical emergency on your shoot definitely don’t look to me...Tom is your guy.


Alex was presented her father's old Sony camcorder at the age of six, the rest was history. Telling stories through the lens is her passion, but when it comes to Philly Sports, don't even think about mentioning the words Cowboys, Yankees, and the Knicks. Her diehard sports personality is evident in her freelance professional career with the Philadelphia Eagles, CSN Philly, MLB, and NFL Films. If music from West Side Story, Anastasia, or the Sound of Music comes on, you can guarantee she will break out into song. In her spare time, you can find Alex coaching basketball in New Jersey (please be advised not to challenge her in a 3pt contest) or enjoying the Philly restaurant scene since after all, she’s been nicknamed "Snacks" after her love for all things food. 


A true nerd/jock hybrid, Jordan is obsessed with all things video and hockey. He even went so far as to begin his career in video production working within the Wells Fargo Center around Flyers Hockey, officially merging both sides of the nerd/jock spectrum. Asking him to talk at length about anything else however is a farfetched objective, as he is typically a man of few words. When he does speak, you can expect a heavy dose of sarcasm, his 2nd native language. So you might be asking, why weddings? While they have nothing to do with sports, Jordan believes in surrounding himself with positivity, and weddings are a great way to find laughter and happiness in a world that is far from perfect. Being able to preserve someone’s happiest moments and turn them into an everlasting memory is something that simply cannot be rivaled.