Amanda & Jeff’s Phoenixville wedding from just the other weekend has quickly become one of our favorite recent weddings. They planned a day that was uniquely them and their friends at St. Michael’s Park just a few blocks away from their apartment in the heart of Phoenixville. Their wedding and reception were held under a pavilion “technically” without the township’s permission. We are so down with this type of borderline legal event. Every once in a while we witness weddings where the emotion, joy and love are just unstoppable and are present in every aspect of the day. Amanda & Jeff’s wedding was one of these. The ceremony under the pavilion officiated by a friend, with music performed by close friends, readings written and read by their friends and family and of course wedding vows written to each other were beautiful expressions of true and deep feelings. There wasn’t a dry eye near the end of the ceremony…..and that includes Tom and myself! On top of all of this, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a classic early summer evening. The day was warm and dry, the evening breezy and cool. It was simply perfect all around. One item that I happened to love was the bottle of Fireball strapped up with a GoPro camera facing the neck. During the reception as friends and family took sips (or swigs) from the bottle the GoPro camera was recording their facial expressions. This then became recordings of commentary to the bride and groom and then as the night evolved and more Fireball was downed the bottle kinda became a character all its own on the dance floor. What a day you guys! Thank you for inviting us into your world to experience it all with you. Congratulations. I hope that we can find the opportunity to see each other again soon. You guys are too much fun!

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