Lyndsay & Mike held their wedding at Cairnwood in early December, exactly one year to the day from their engagement shoot in Peddler’s Village.  Needless to say Lyndsay, Mike and I have gotten to know each other pretty well over the past year leading up to their big day.  When we first met over a year ago, Lyndsay and I discussed the possibility of shooting their wedding party photos at a bowling alley (if) the weather was bad as the wedding was to take place in December.  Well, the weather wasn’t actually all that bad but Lyndsay had liked the bowling alley idea so much that we planned on doing some bowling after the ceremony anyway!  Congratulations you guys.  Thanks so much for having Joe and I share in your day with you and your families.  It really was a fantastic day.  Thanks for being up for any and everything.

One shot from the Holga.

Onto Pike Lanes in Southampton for a wedding day Bowl-arama!!  A HUGE thank you goes out to Rachel at Pike Lanes for putting up with all of us and the requisite shenanigans. Rachel was very gracious and extremely accommodating for our large party.  We couldn’t have gotten any of these shots without her patience and assistance.

Queen of the lanes anyone?

Joe grabbed a ton of cool shots in the locker room of Pike Lanes.  This one is of all the Mahalis boys.

The absolute best entrances all year!  What a way to open the reception at The Townsend Room.

Ugg Life. Fo real!

Lyndsay singing a surprise song to her mom.

DJ Bishop of D.J.’s Available got the party started and Lyndsay & crew took from there.

This is one of my favorite “dance” shots of the year. His expression is just priceless.

Congratulations Lyndsay & Mike!