Kristen & John’s Carriage House at Rockwood Park wedding took place last summer on kind of a crazy day. It was raining as we drove to Wilmington, Delaware to start the day. The clouds parted for the ceremony at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church but then as we arrived to the reception at The Carriage House at Rockwood Park, the storm came. When I say the storm came, I mean that the loudest most intense thunderstorm I had ever seen started to happen right above us as we pulled up to The Carriage House to start all of the photos. It was a scary type of storm. Our crew got drenched which was totally fine. We kept Kristen, John and their wedding party relatively dry by taking a few photos inside the antique greenhouse at Rockwood Park. This greenhouse is beautiful anyway, even on a sunny day. But we were lucky to have access to it that day, for sure. So, Kristen & John came prepared for the weather and we were able to make use of the “on theme and style” colored umbrellas that they brought along just in case the weather wasn’t working in our favor. The umbrella shots with the wedding party turned out really wonderfully and they are some of our favorite wedding party photos in recent years. 

You can plan for months and months for your perfect wedding and for the most part that planning will pay off. But weather is one of the unpredictable issues that we often run into on a wedding day. The best thing you can do as a couple is to make plans for the fact that it “COULD” rain on your wedding day. If you are prepared for the always present chance of rain in this part of the country then you will be able to still enjoy a stress free wedding day if the threat of rain actually turns into real, legit rain. Take a cue from Kristen & John and roll with what you’re dealt. Hopefully the thunder wont be quite as loud and intimidating as it was for Kristen & John though!