Kristin & Scott are getting married this Saturday at The Chubb Conference Center in Lafayette Hill, PA. They live in New York City though. So in November we met up for their Central Park engagement session on a gorgeous Autumn afternoon. It was a quintessential fall day in New York City and the backdrop of Central Park was just stunning with all of the yellows, reds and oranges you would expect from fall engagement sessions.
Surprisingly, November is really the best time to capture all of the fall leaves and colors in your photos. October is still a bit early to really get those beautiful autumn leaves in your photos. And November can still be warm and comfortable for an outdoor photo session in a place such as New York City’s Central Park.

Kristin and Scott were easy and natural in front of the camera all afternoon….in spite of Scott’s initial reluctance towards an afternoon of picture taking in public! Ladies, if you are reading this, your fiancĂ© not being “super excited” about having engagement photos taken in public is pretty common. Just because they may not initially share your excitement for these photos doesn’t mean that we can’t make it fun and enjoyable for them. By the end of this session in New York City Scott was laughing, comfortable and enjoying taking photos with Kristin all over Central Park and the Upper East Side. It’s natural to be a bit uneasy in front of the camera. Part of our job as your photographer is to help you as a couple to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. It doesn’t come naturally to a great majority of couples but over the course of your photo session, while we are joking, talking and laughing together the barriers come down and we can create some very natural and candid photos for you. It’s what we do!

Congratulations Kristin & Scott. Tom and I will see you on Saturday….and then we party!