A Congress Hall Wedding in Cape May is always something special. This beach front hotel and property is uniquely beautiful and quintessentially “Cape May“. It’s got a throw back to another time sort of feel and vibe. And that time is nothing but class and 1st class elegance. Historical photos line the hallways of the hotel and guides give tours of the property dressed in Victorian clothes. You can truly feel the history when you are in this building. We are fortunate enough to work quite often at Congress Hall and it really is a treat for us to shoot here each time we have the opportunity to do so. We’ve done weddings in every corner of the country and I can honestly say that Congress Hall is my personal favorite wedding venue. Like most couples that choose to hold their wedding at Congress Hall, Hope & Jack grew up enjoying summers in Cape May with their families. So when it came time to pick the perfect spot for the wedding day it was an easy decision to invite all of their family and friends down to the shore for a long weekend to celebrate. As we usually do, Alexa and I started the day off in different locations. She was with Jack and the guys at a family home on Poverty Beach while I and our video team started with Hope and the ladies in the bridal suite, Founders Hall. A lively prep (including the groomsmen cruising the streets of Cape May on bikes while weaing tuxes)  lead into an emotional reveal with Hope and her dad before she got to see Jack for the first time. We took portraits around the hotel and the wedding ceremony was held under an almost cloudless sky on the lawn. Kristin from Reveriemade styled all of the details of the day but she and her team really outdid themselves with the cocktail hour tables and details. Once the reception started in the main ballroom it was pretty much a non-stop, controlled chaos of a dance party led by one of Philadelphia’s premiere wedding bands, Milan 77.

Take a look at the video teaser we produced from Hope & Jack’s day. It incorporates all of the crazy party and the impromptu bike ride yet it still tells captures emotional and spiritual core of the day that Hope & Jack had. Congratulations you guys. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and your families. Thank you for inviting us into your lives to share in your celebration.

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