During my initial meeting with Maria & Craig the idea for an engagement session in a hot air balloon was kicked around. At the time I thought it was a nice idea that probably would never actually happen. I was wrong. Maria and Craig took it upon themselves to MAKE this happen through several calls to various hot air balloon companies and scheduling and re-scheduled multiple days with these companies as our shoot was bumped a few times due to weather. We were finally able to meet the other week in Chester Springs for our balloon ride with AApex Sundries Balloon Company. But before we took off we spent some time shooting a few more traditional engagement photos at the nearby Marsh Creek State Park.



Somebody’s excited for her balloon ride!!!


Onto the 2nd half of the engagement session.


Craig doing his part to help the balloon along.


A little perspective.


Still excited!


Flying in the “experimental” basket left none of us feeling any safer.  But our pilot Barry assured all of us that were safe.


These trees looked like broccoli when floating above them.


If you’ve ever wondered where all the road signs live……we found their home.

Congratulations Maria & Craig! See you guys in the spring.

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