Meghan & Andrew had their baby boy, Andrew a few months ago. He’s happy, healthy and very much loved. Last spring before Andrew’s arrival, I met with the soon to be parents at Longwood Gardens for their maternity photos. We last saw Megahn & Andrew on their wedding day in Philadelphia back in 2014. This spring day at Longwood Gardens last year was warm and beautiful. It was a perfect afternoon to spend some time walking through the gardens taking pictures. Maternity sessions are “sort of” like engagement sessions in the sense that it’s basically another afternoon spent together with your photographer walking and talking about another HUGE, life changing event that is coming up. This time the talk is about sleep (or not sleeping, rather), nursery prep and the nervousness of becoming new parents instead of plans for the honeymoon, trolley arrangements and where the after party is going to be. (Good bye, after party days). It’s a whole other world of anticipation and I am lucky to be able to take part in another memorable period in a couple’s lifetime….the few months before they know the crazy joy and love that it is to be parents. Meghan & Andrew…..let’s do it again, shall we? Little Andrew needs a brother!

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