Our little guy celebrated his first birthday in June. Dawn and I went all out (meaning Dawn did all of the work) to throw Max a spectacular first birthday party.  We had about 70 friends and family show up on a Sunday afternoon in June for a robot themed birthday celebration.  My beautiful, talented, charming and…did I say beautiful….wife, Dawn found a ton of great robot party ideas online and spent hours and hours putting it all together.  Everything just came out perfectly and our little man Maxie had one heck of a 1st birthday party!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to wish Max a happy birthday.  We love you all very much and we were thrilled to be able to see everyone all in one place and to celebrate with everybody.  A special thanks of course to Dawn for being such an amazing mommy a loving wife and a tireless party planner!  Thank you Jenn & Joy for taking a good chunk of these photos while I partied.  Even though Max won’t remember his first birthday he will have some great photos to look on for years and years.  You guys are the best!
And Happy birthday Max.  We love you more and more each day.  Now what are we going to have to do for B-Day #2 to outdo this one?!


This robot greeted everyone as they came in the door.  A co-worker of my mom’s made this robot herself.  It was one of the coolest parts of the whole party!


The cake, smashing cake and robot cupcakes were made by our neighbors Carrie and Ellen of Chewie Cakes.


And keeping on theme, Stacey of Flour Pot Cookies in Ambler made these delicious cookies which were given away as party favors.


My Dad painted this Max-robot cut-out in addition to basically putting my entire robot costume together for me.


All the grandparents in one picture.


It’s not a party until someone cracks a pinata open!