We were hired by Abby to take these New Hope family photos last summer to celebrate Abby’s mother’s 70th birthday. The whole family rented out a GORGEOUS home in Bucks county for a long weekend to celebrate. There was even a pool…..which made me want to stay for the weekend myself. I think there were five total families here and we photographed them all together with the kids’ grandparents…..the ones responsible for virtually all of the kids. It was an honor to be able to document such a beautiful family sharing a summer evening and just enjoying spending time together. If you and your family have a traditional get together consider giving us a call to come photograph the one time a year that everyone gets together. We will spend some time photographing some posed portraits but probably more time just photographing everyone being together, laughing and playing together. These are the photos that you will cherish for years and years to come!

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