In January I had the pleasure of heading down to New Orleans to photograph the wedding of one of my closets friends, Jon to his lovely (now) wife, Jill.  Jon and I have been brothers since we first met on a shared dorm floor our freshman year at Syracuse university two decades ago. We have lived together, spent vacations together,”written” and shot movies together and on and on and on.  We are tight.  As cliche as it sounds, I have honestly never seen Jon happier than he has been since he and Jill have been together. Their French Quarter wedding in Jackson Square in New Orleans was a beautiful culmination of an incredible wedding weekend spent eating, drinking and dancing with friends and family.  I could go on and on an on about how much I loved this wedding, how much I love these two and how much fun this entire weekend was.  But I think it’s best in this case to stop blabbering and just let the pictures do the story telling.  So here is Jill & Jon’s wedding weekend in New Orleans the way I saw it from Friday afternoon into early Sunday morning.  Enjoy.  Jill & Jon……I love you both.  Thank you for having me.