Our Philadelphia mini sessions in the fall and spring of the past two years have been a HUGE hit with so many families in the area. We schedule our mini sessions on a weekend afternoon in the spring and again in the fall. Now, weekends typically find us shooting weddings. So these weekend family photography sessions are very rare for us as we are generally only available for family photos during the week. But when are families usually available to have their photo taken with everyone schedules generally being fairly open? On the weekends. You see the disconnect there? So twice a year we are able to squeeze in several families all on the same day in our mini session marathons! The great thing for families is that these mini sessions are done quickly on a Saturday or Sunday and it won’t take up your entire afternoon. And you will come away with some wonderful family photos just in time for Mother’s Day in the spring and the holidays in December! When is the last time you had a professional family photo taken with everyone in the shot? Sure you take photos of your kids all the time, but are you in those photos? It is important to have your family photos taken each year as your children and your family grows. Twenty years from now you will be so thankful that you took the time to have your family photos taken so that YOU CAN BE IN THEM with your kids! This way you are represented in your family photos and your children can see all of you together as a family and that their childhood wasn’t just them posing for YOUR phone day in and day out. Trust me….I speak from experience and I am learning this lesson right along with everyone else. In fact I may be even more guilty of not being actually in our family photos than most parents. The shoemaker’s son saying definitely applies to me and my family. But we try to have our family photos taken twice a year. And now with our spring and fall mini sessions you too can have your family photographed twice each year! 
Feel free to e-mail or call at any time to check in on when our next mini session date will be. We are currently looking at a couple weekends in April. And if we hear from several of you that one weekend is better than another we will gladly schedule the spring mini sessions for a weekend that works for the most families!

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