Steph & Kevin’s wedding plans had to be modified….as so many of our couples plans have had to be modified in 2020. The guest count was modified of course, as was the location. No longer was a grand ballroom with over 100 guests in the cards. Luckily they were able to hold their wedding at Steph’s parents’ house a few weeks back. For a 40 person event on a steaming hot day in August this crowd came to party! It’s such a nice change of pace for us as well. I enjoyed spending the entire day at the house with all of the guests. We were all sharing the same space and working together to give Steph & Kevin the best day that we could. Rain came and went, we moved a small portion of the day indoors as everyone frantically checked their various weather apps. Luckily just before the ceremony the clouds parted and the rest of the evening was just beautiful. It was our pleasure spending the day with everyone and we are excited to share these photos with you all. Thank you for trusting us to capture your day, guys!

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