Marie Claire & Tommy’s Super-8 wedding film is of course one of our favorites.  I personally love anything done on Super-8 film and we LOVE working at The Fairmount Park Horticultural Center. Super-8 film was the perfect medium for this summer garden wedding ceremony. The natural light, that extends well into the evening, was beautifully filtered through the greenhouse roof for a good bit of the reception. And as any good wedding does, this one capped the night off with a packed, thumping and sweaty dance floor!

When I explain that we offer real movie film for weddings I often get asked what Super-8 film even is. Allow me to explain briefly.

My family has such wonderful old home movies from when my father and uncle were boys together in the 50s to Christmases and summers down the shore when my sister and I were toddlers in the late 70s. I have always cherished these home movies and I have always loved the look and feel of the real film that my dad shot before video came on the scene in the 80s. The videos of our family are great as well but something about the feeling and beauty of old Super-8 film was lost when our family started recording the major milestones, holidays and family trips on video. Today I shoot all of my own family’s major events on Super-8 film. From my wife and my own wedding to the birth of both of our children to the same trips down the shore as a family that I took as a child. Super-8 film is the way that I as choose to capture my family’s memories.

The vintage medium of Super-8 film captures these moments and those feelings in the dreamlike and nostalgic way that you remembered them. A wedding captured on Super-8 film is simply beautiful and timeless. Enjoy this teaser clip from Marie Claire & Tommy’s beautiful summer wedding!

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