July 5th of this year found me celebrating Liz & Drew’s wedding at The Old Mill in Rose Valley, PA. July 5th is a very significant date for me as well as it is Dawn and my anniversary. This year marked our 5th year of marriage and it was the very beginning for Liz & Drew.  I was happy to be spending the day with Liz, Drew and their wonderful families.  I have seen many happy couples in the years that I have been photographing weddings but none have been any more happier together on their wedding day than Liz & Drew.   These guys brought so much Joy, excitement and enthusiasm for everything and I imagine Liz’ face was painfully sore on Sunday morning as she was smiling ear to ear all day long.

Joy joined me again for the day as did my video team from First Floor Films.  There will be a lot more to see from Liz & Drew’s wedding on the First Floor Films site soon.  Several of the wedding professionals who helped to make Liz & Drew’s day included Monika from Kenny’s Flowers in Media, PA,  Vaughn from Silver Sounds, David at Doughmain Baked Goods who created the unique bicycle themed wedding cake, Heather and Mary at Cambio Salon and the Reverend Peter McGuiness who married Liz and Drew at a warm afternoon ceremony in the bamboo garden by Ridley Creek.

Thank you again for having us Liz & Drew.  It has been a true pleasure working together with you over the past year.  Hopefully we can find many reasons in the future to see each other and work together again.  Enjoy your wedding photos!