Tara & Tim welcomed their first little one just a few weeks ago. Soon after little man Tommy made his appearance Tara & Tim called to see if I could come to their home in West Chester to do Tommy’s newborn photo session. So I spent a recent February afternoon with Tara, Tim and Tommy. We woke Tommy from a nice long nap to get him undressed, changed into different outfits etc. etc. At first he was none too happy at being woken up…I mean who would be? But after a few diaper changes, some bottles and lots of cuddles with Mom & Dad he was happy to have us take his picture all over the house. These photos we taken about two weeks ago and I imagine that Tommy has grown and changed even in just those two weeks! If you (like Tara & Tim) are expecting a new baby in the next few months and you want to capture those first few days at home while your little one is still in that tiny newborn phase then let’s get you scheduled! The newborn baby phase goes by so quickly. It’s best to schedule the newborn session within the first two weeks of being home with your new baby. They will be crawling, then walking and like 2 months later they are driving your car to go hang out with their friends! As cliche as it sounds, it is so true that they grow up fast. But for Tara & Tim, they are still adjusting to having a new family member at home. And they are doing a fantastic job! They are naturals at being a mom and dad. Congratulations you guys. Thank you for inviting me to meet Tommy and for trusting me to capture these precious moments at home. Enjoy your photos!

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