Wow…….where to start? So much goodness and love with this wedding and for these families.  (I realize that last sentence isn’t technically a sentence). But I truly love these guys and I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of their wedding day…..so grammar and formatting rules can just be thrown out the window when there is such excitement involved!
Lis & Mike came to me through Lis’ sister Barb and her husband Mark who had hired First Floor Films back in 2009 to shoot Super-8 Film for their wedding in Philadelphia.  Barb, Mark and I immediately got along and we had kept in touch over the years.  So, when it was time for Lis & Mike to tie the knot  I was luckily on the short list of wedding referrals!  As was the case with Barb & Mark’s wedding in 2009, Lis, Mike and I hit it off immediately and generally enjoyed each other every time we got together.  So when the wedding day finally arrived it was more like a reunion for all of us than a photographer just showing up to take some pretty pictures of a beautiful wedding….which it was.
I had a feeling that Joy Moody would be a great fit for these two as well so I asked her to 2nd shoot with me that day and she fit right into the close-knit mix.  Joy and I compliment each other so nicely and some of her images are prominently featured below.  Thank you Joy for being such a pleasure to shoot with and thank you for your incredible eye!  Lis & Mike what can I say?  You guys were so welcoming to us and I feel so very fortunate to call you friends more than clients.  You are both some of my favorite people and your wedding was a joy to be a part of.  That party you threw along the Wissahickon Creek at Valley Green Inn was one for the ages.  The dancing was off the charts thanks in part to the boys from Synergetic Sounds who kept the tent jumping.

Congratulations again Lis & Mike.  I look forward to the next family event and I hope to be a part of that one and many more in the future.  Enjoy your wedding photos guys.



Lis’ brother Stephan, home form a tour abroad served as the officiant for his sister’s wedding.