We captured Kelsey and Michael’s Willow Creek Winery wedding video in Cape May just the other week. This wasn’t “summer at the beach” Cape May. It was “gale forced winds in late fall” Cape May. But lemme tell you, this entire crew from Kelsey and Michael down to the very last of the wedding party were completely fine to stand outside in the freezing wind for photos. The light was incredible and the day was simply beautiful. It was just slightly unpleasant to receive whipping wind in your face all afternoon. But not a single person complained about it…..well, besides me and Coady….to each other. But Kelsey and Michael pushed through the wind and they have this absolutely stunning wedding video teaser with all of that beautiful light dancing around them all afternoon. Make sure you watch to the very end because this sunset was the most impressive that I have ever witnessed on the east coast! Congratulations you guys. We had so much fun with you all. And Stellar Mojo the band…..WOW! What a party!

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