Jessie & Zach’s Rockwood Park Carriage House wedding video teaser is hot from the editing machines! Their wedding took place just a few days ago on Sunday. We had the pleasure of working with Jessie & Zach for their photography, video and photo booth! They got the “three-fer”. (I am still the only one who calls it this but I’m sticking with it!) Anyway, this teaser captures only a fraction of the pure joy and endless laughs that were had on Sunday with Jessie, Zach and all of their closest family and friends. Rabi Ellen Bernhardt is the voice you hear behind this teaser video. We have worked with Ellen on all three of her own children’s weddings over the years and at each one of those weddings (as with Jessie & Zach’s) we were partnered with our good friends at Proud to Plan. It was a joy to work together with such a wonderful team on this wedding. Ellen and Jessie’s mom are close friends as well. So this was a family affair! Jessie and Zach, thank you guys for being so easy going and full of laughter. Enjoy this teaser from your wedding!