Meghan & Eric’s wedding took place in early April at The Philadelphia Cricket Club in Chestnut Hill. It snowed…like all morning and most of the afternoon. Meghan handled the “unique” April weather like a champ. In fact, she LOVED it! All day long Meghan kept telling us how excited she was for the snow and that she hopped it would stick around through her and Eric’s photo session at The Cricket Club. Well, it did stick around and Meghan & Eric marched right into the snow for their photos. Meghan didn’t even bother switching out of her sandals to hike through the cold snow. This type of “go with the flow” attitude helps you to enjoy your wedding day and anything that gets thrown at it. No event ever goes 100% perfectly. Meghan & Eric did not expect snow for their April wedding. As I mentioned, she wore sandals all day. But she just took the weather in stride and even more than that, she embraced it and made it a fun part of the whole experience. Some things you just can’t plan for. The best way to handle these sometimes unexpected occurrences is to simply accept them as part of the unique story of YOUR wedding day. That’s what Meghan & Eric did and it was perfect!


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