Caroline and Tom photographed Anna & Greg’s VIP Country Club wedding in New York over the summer and they came back with some absolute stunners! I truly was blown away at how good these wedding photos turned out. The photos do such a wonderful job at telling the story of the wedding day from the very beginning of the day through the end of the wild reception in a candid and documentary style. It’s difficult to stand out in the wedding photography world. There are countless pretty weddings with pretty, styled photos. But what I love about looking at these photos that Caroline and Tom captured in New York for Anna & Greg is the realness and the intimate look into Anna & Greg’s day. They did a very nice job of blending into the day and just observing everything that was taking place in front of them. This is the style of photography we aim for as we feel that years and years down the road, this intimate portrayal of the wedding day as it truly was will hold so much more weight than the glossy, perfectly staged images that can often be delivered for a wedding. Thank you Anna & Greg for trusting our team to share in and document your wedding day in the natural and candid way that we love so much. You guys are the best.

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