Caitlin & Dan’s Baldwin School wedding from last spring was really very unique and completely “them”.  There was SO MUCH DIY stuff from the flowers to the old postcard escort cards to all of the wedding signage. I mean the escort cards that were vintage postcards arranged in vintage suitcases was just perfect for them and the location they were holding their wedding. The ease that Caitlin & Dan have with each other and their ability to crack each other up made our job particularly easy. Everything with these two was just fun and relaxed. And at the very end of the night Caitlin surprised Dan with pizza delivered directly to the dancefloor by various stages of David Bowies. There was Ziggy Stardust with pepperoni pie, Labyrinth Bowie with Mushroom and Froud came along to dance with all of the various Davids. Caitlin & Dan, you guys put on a wedding that was incredibly personalized and over the top fun. It was a pleasure to be a part of it all. Thank you for including us!

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