Veruska & Brian’s English garden wedding ceremony in Philadelphia at Parque Ridley Creek from August was sort of a last minute addition for us. Veruska contacted us only a few weeks before her wedding hoping that we were still available to do the video for her wedding at Peachtree’s Hunting Hill Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park. Luckily Jordan was open and we were able to share in and witness Veruska & Brian’s incredibly powerful and emotion filled day. The vows read between Veruska & Brian as well as the tearfilled toasts that drive the story of their feature video are simply breathtaking. Brian, you’ve made me want to express these same things to my wife. I mean, I will give you credit of course…ha! But man, you guys….you have set the bar high for any future honest and real vows that we will hope to see. Congratulations to you both. All of our best for a beautiful and happy lifetime together.

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