Crystal and John were originally scheduled to have a destination wedding in Maine. But yet again, they were one of the 2020 weddings that had to drastically change their original dream wedding plans. Not only did they have to find a new location for their wedding celebration including a new photographer, but once they decided on holding their wedding at their home in Yardley, they also had to get the home ready to host their wedding! Crystal and John’s home was beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But at one point on the afternoon of their wedding John was showing me all the work that was JUST recently completed in the yard and the house. That type of renovation is stressful on its own. Now add a deadline and the fact that you are getting married because your wedding had to be completely re-imagined due to a pandemic on top of all that and you have a whole other level of stress. They pulled it off and it was a beautiful event. It definitely helped that the weather was absolutely perfect for the wedding day. A highlight that sticks out in my mind was during the ceremony when Crystal (who was about to become John’s boys’ step mother) read a note that she had written to the three of them about how she loved their father and that her love for them was just as strong. Crystal’s joy and love for John and his three sons was so evident and it was a truly beautiful moment to photograph. Crystal and John, thank you for including us in your wedding day. It was a pleasure to be a part of everything. What a fun and meaningful afternoon. All the best to you both!

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