Stacy & Michael’s wedding video is a perfect re-telling of the day that they shared together with family and friends. The story of their wedding and relationship is told by them with their own words. Jordan created this video from a recording that Stacy & Michael did for us where they described a bit about their relationship, how it started and how the proposal happened. And Jordan was even able to find and incorporate a video of the proposal that Michael had posted to YouTube! We love Stacy & Michael’s wedding video because it’s just so real and honest. Their recording and re-telling of the backstory of their relationship adds such a solid base to this feature video. Even if you were to watch this and you had no idea who Stacy and Michael are you would still come away with an understanding of how they got to this moment. Jordan’s ability to create and tell stories of our couple’s wedding days as well as some of their history is so unique. I am just in awe of Stacy & Michael’s wedding video and I am so proud to say that we made this for them. Congratulations to you both. All our best, you guys!

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