Arielle & Gabe’s Glen Island Harbour Club wedding was one for the ages! There was just so much to this wedding….all of it was incredible and beautiful. Their photos and video are just packed full of so many different scenes and dancing, dancing and more dancing! Did I mention the dancing? We have been fortunate enough to have worked with Arielle’s family before on her brother’s wedding a few years ago in Atlantic City. To say that we are close with Arielle’s family would be an understatement. In doing what we do there are certain families that you just connect with. The Gajers are one of those families. Tradition and togetherness run deep in their family and they have welcomed us into the fold of that tradition and the togetherness. It is an honor to be asked to photograph any wedding. But to be treated as one of the family and welcomed into the mix as Arielle’s family has done over the years with us is something very special.

I mentioned the dancing, didn’t I? There was dancing before the ceremony during the tish and the bedeken. There was dancing at the end of the wedding ceremony. There was dancing to start the reception and there was dancing in the middle of the reception and of course dancing to close out the night. I’m not sure how anyone was awake before like 4:00 in the afternoon on the following day. There was just so much non stop dancing! It was so much fun to be a part of it all.

A special thank you to Vanda High Events for planning such an incredible day and event. Working with a good event coordinator is essential when there is a wedding like this one with so many different moving parts and events throughout the day. Vanda was wonderful to work with and she was a huge help to our photo and video team.

Arielle & Gabe, you two must have had the time of your lives. Thank you again for having us. I am excited for you to see all that we have left for you from your wedding day! 

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