So when our team all left Naomi & Jacob’s Horticultural Center wedding at the end of the night we were hugging and high fiving each other. That may not seem all that odd. But I can’t remember a time that we all hugged each other at the end of a wedding. Not that we are emotionless. I am a big hugger, but we usually keep it professional and say our goodbyes knowing that we did a good job together. However, after the day we all spent together as a team with Naomi, Jacob and their family and friends it just felt right to share that moment with each other. We had started the day in the morning as Naomi & Jacob got ready for all that was to come. We were with them as they shared an emotional first look just outside the Horticultural Center and we were side by side with them during the Tish and Bedeken ceremonies as their families sang, danced and cried with the soon to be newlyweds. We captured the ceremony that Naomi’s father presided over and we were in the mix of the hour long hora getting spun in all different directions as part of the jubilant celebration. We are always a part of each wedding that we capture. Most of the times we are observers. Sometimes we are advisors, sometimes counselors (during moments of bad weather forecasts and what not). But this day we felt as though we were truly a part of the wedding. This is why, at the end of the night as our photo and video teams said goodbye to each other we exchanged hugs and high fives. We all knew that we had just experienced something special with each other. The feelings of family, warmth, happiness and love shared by Naomi, Jacob and their families wrapped all of us up as well. This wedding was something that we won’t forget for a long time. Naomi & Jacob, thank you for sharing your wedding day with us. It was our absolute pleasure to be able to share it with you. *And of course you have to see the video of this incredible day as well*!

Contributing event professionals – Venue – Philadelphia Horticultural Center | Caterer – Starr Catering Group
Florals – Uncommon Events| Coordinator – Melissa Brannon | Videographer – Two17 Photo & Cinema | Makeup – Janelle on Location | Dress – Lovely Bride Philly
Band – Pey Dalid

* see what Naomi & Jacob are up to now*

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