Kaitlyn & Sam’s engagement session in Bucks County at Tyler State Park took place on a beautiful fall afternoon. We love engagement sessions in general as it gives us the chance to spend a relaxed afternoon walking and talking with the couples that we will be working with a few months down the road during their wedding. Kaitlyn and Sam were no different. It can always be slightly awkward at first when you start the engagement session. Truth be told, even we as photographers need a bit of a “warming up” period. So we usually start with some easy, standard shots just to help our couples get into the session and to help ourselves get used to how the couple feels having their photo taken. It’s not really a natural thing for anyone to be out in public getting all hugged up on their significant other while another person stands a few feet away with a camera pointed at them. Kaitlyn & sam caught on very quickly and transitioned easily from a couple dressed nicely in a park to a couple that felt at ease in front of the camera. Wether it’s easy for you as a couple to be natural in front of a camera or you need a bit more time and coaching, we are professionals at putting you at ease and working together to create stunning photos that showcase your unique bond as a couple.

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