Taylor, Lex and I had one of those instant connections when we first met about five years ago as they were interviewing photographers for their wedding. The three of us just clicked (dorky photography pun intended) immediately. And every time we got together from the engagement session to the wedding, the album design meeting etc. we all just laughed and laughed and generally really enjoyed our time together. So last week as I was driving to their home in New Jersey I was actually kinda nervous that their backyard family photo session could suffer because we would just end up talking and joking with each other the entire time and almost forget to do the thing that we were there to do. It turns out that we were able to do both! We spent about 90 minutes taking photos of their beautiful and bubbly daughter, Parker at the same time as we talked, joked and laughed. I was rather impressed with us. And then we hung out for a few more hours to squeeze in even more laughs and stories. It turns out that we were able to get some gorgeous family photos of these three while catching up all afternoon. You guys, you know I love you. Thank you for inviting me to your home. Thank you for letting me hang out way past everyone’s bed time and thank you for being such great people to spend time with. I only hope that we can do it again sometime soon.

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