Delanie & Jarod’s Carriage House at Rockwood Park Wedding took place last spring. We find ourselves at The Carriage House at Rockwood Park quite often and that is just fine with us because we LOVE working there and we love working with the wonderful staff of Greenery Caterers. The park at Rockwood is just beautiful and very, very green. I’m not necessarily a horticulturalist….I can barely even keep a house plant alive more than a few days. But the trees on the grounds of Rockwood Park in Wilmington Delaware are big, gorgeous and very unique looking which is wonderful for photos. The greenhouse that is attached to the museum can serve as a great backdrop in general and when the occasional wedding day thunderstorm rolls through (a future blog post will have that story) the greenhouse can help to keep the entire wedding party dry. Well, relatively dry. And just as a side note on another reason this place is the bee’s knees….they have a two day ice cream festival here every June. I’ll be there this year!

So, Delanie & Jarod. Their day was not on the ice cream festival weekend but it was super sweet anyway. See what I did there? These two came all the way from Indiana to celebrate with friends and family near Delanie’s hometown. The outdoor ceremony was full of tears and laughter which continued into to reception with a couple of very heartfelt toasts by the maid of honor and best man. Delanie’s dad and Jarod’s mom were also fighting back the tears when they danced with the bride and groom. But the night wasn’t all water works. After the buffet dinner the dance party kicked in and the entire floor was rocking into the night.

These are some of my personal favorite portraits of 2016. If you are going back and forth on whether or not you want to do a reveal or a “first look” before your wedding ceremony, look at Jarod’s reaction to seeing Delanie for the first time here and then tell me if you think the first look is NOT a great idea. We personally always recommend doing a first look. It frees up your timeline and allows you guys to spend more time with your guests during the day. Plus with a first look we can generally schedule it so that we can all be relaxed about time while taking your portraits. The more time we have, the more laid back we can all be together which will result in wedding photos where you guys are happy, calm and enjoying just being with each other on your wedding day. We can always work with any sort of plan but the IDEAL situation is when we schedule a first look between the bride and groom before the ceremony. Enjoy Delaine & Jarod’s wedding photos at one of our favorite venues, The Carriage House at Rockwood Park in Wilmington, Delaware!