With most of our weddings and events postponed due to the pandemic we haven’t been “out working” all that much. Normally in the spring and summer we are away every single weekend. But this year, like most everyone in the country we are spending a lot more time at home. With the recent easing of restrictions in Pennsylvania we are however able to photograph family, kids and newborn sessions! So last week I hopped in the car to head up to Collegeville meet Meghan, Chris and their little ones, Max and the newest family member, Luke. This crew was so welcoming and fun to work with. They invited me in to basically just hang out for an afternoon and follow them all around the house taking photos. Max was super excited to show me all sorts of toys, shoes, stuffies, papers from his dad’s office etc etc. And little man Luke basically kept quiet the whole time. It was a beautiful summer afternoon and I was very appreciative to Meghan & Chris for inviting me to spend the day with them. Enjoy your photos you guys. Hopefully we can do it again next year for Luke’s 1st birthday!

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