Karen & Steve’s Cape May photo booth for their wedding at Congress Hall was a huge crowd pleaser! Who doesn’t love to get goofy in a wedding photobooth? And your guests get to leave with an instant party favor in the photo booth print strip! Karen & Steve hired us for the three-fer. We were their wedding photographers, their cinema team as well as the photo booth company for their wedding at Congress Hall. We were the one stop shop for all of their wedding day memories. They had one single contact person for all three of these services…..it was someone that they knew they could trust. We worked with Karen & Steve in the months leading up to their wedding to discuss the plan and timeline for the day, what photos we would need to do and where, how the video would go and where and how to set-up the photo booth. All in one! Imagine how much more difficult this would have been for Karen as she was planning her whole wedding if she had to call, get contracts with, schedule and follow up with three different companies for all three of these wedding day essentials! With us you make one call and we handle all of the logistics, the planning and implementation of everything so that you can concentrate on enjoying your wedding day! Enjoying a stress-free day with all of your family and friends is what you want your wedding day to be about in the end, isn’t it? it is :).

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