Emily & Richard’s High Point wedding was just last weekend in Malvern. This is Robert Ryan Catering’s newest Philadelphia area wedding venue and it is a beauty. Emily and Richard had a nearly perfect day to celebrate with an outdoor cocktail hour and dinner and dancing inside the spacious remodeled barn space of The High Point. Why was it just “nearly” perfect? Well, Richard somehow got poison ivy on the left side of his face the morning of the wedding….a fact that emily found out as she walked toward the altar and saw Richard for the first time that day. I’ve gotta hand it to them. Neither Emily or Richard paid the poison ivy and all the itchiness that comes with it much mind. Emily barley batted an eye (no pun intended) at it and I swear that we didn’t see Richard scratch his face one single time all day or night. That’s the kind of attitude we love to see. “Hey, a rash on half of my face? No worries…..we’ve got a wedding to get to”. I’ve seen lesser situations derail people for an entire day. Heck, I even get moody for hours if I have a paper cut! But Emily and Richard kept on like Richard’s face wasn’t swelling ever larger throughout the afternoon. And they had a gorgeous celebration with all of their closest family and friends…just as they had planned. The High Point was a dream to photograph too. There were so many different locations that we wanted to hit with Emily & Richard and they were down to try everything we had in mind, poison ivy be damned! The barn, the field, the church, the views from the cocktail hour and overlooking Malvern were only some of the beauty that The High Point offered. We loved it here and we truly look forward to the next time we can return. Congratulations Emily & Richard. Thank you for having us and Richard, I hope your face feels better.