Melissa & Yonnas’ Kings Mills wedding was one of our final weddings of 2019 as it took place during the final week of the year. Their handwritten and heartfelt letters to each other which they read on the morning of the wedding create the base of their wedding video and drive the story of their feature. These letters, combined with the toasts that were given during the reception build that personalized aspect of the wedding video that makes Melissa & Yonnas’ movie truly their own. Their words to each other carry you through the video bringing you into their story and the re-telling of one of the most impactful days of each of their lives. We love creating wedding videos like Melissa & Yonnas’ when the couples can express themselves deeply to each other and share their hopes for the future together and have those words and feelings woven into the movie of the wedding. So if you love the way that Melissa & Yonnas’ wedding video looks and feels and you appreciate how it helps you feel as if you know these two wonderful people (even though you most likely do not know them) then take a note on how you would like to express yourself to your wife or husband to be. Because if you can do it as well as Melissa & Yonnas did on their wedding day then your video can turn out as beautifully as theirs did. Melissa & Yonnas, thank you both for trusting us to document your wedding day. We loved working with you, your family and friends and we wish you all the best in the coming years together. Now enjoy your wedding video!

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