Amanda & Matt’s Congress Hall wedding video feature had one of the prettiest summer sunset photo sessions that we’ve been lucky enough to see. Just after Amanda & Matt had dinner and before the dance party kicked off we all took a few minutes to cross the street from Congress Hall to step onto the beach in Cape May just as the sun was setting. We even made it out onto a jetty and happened to accidentally time it perfectly with one of the Cape May Whale Watching boats passed by in frame. It was incredible. And this time alone together for just a few minutes gave Amanda & Matt some time to reflect on what they had done earlier that day, the commitment that they made and all they had to look forward to together….including their entire wedding reception about to really get started. We love taking our couples out just briefly at sunset just briefly before the reception and dancing really get started. Often times we hear after the wedding day that this moment….a few brief minutes alone…at sunset on their wedding day was the one that they look back on as the time the felt closest to each other in the midst of all the action and hustle of the wedding day. If you want to have this time alone on your wedding day be sure to let us know that carving out a few minutes for you and your new husband or wife is something that is important and something that you are looking forward to on your wedding day. We are conscious about making sure that you don’t miss any of the reception and we make sure to get you back to all of your family and friends very quickly….because that is why you are all there in the first place. But a short 5 minutes to duck out and share some alone time in the middle of the wedding day is a memory that you will look back on fondly for years and years to come!

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