Allie & Steve’s Manor House at Commonwealth wedding was right in our backyard in Horsham, PA. We just shipped their wedding album and video out last week and Allie was thrilled to be able to re-live her day through photos and video. In addition to this feature video Allie & Steve received a video of their full ceremony as well as all of the main events from the reception. So they will be able to relive their entire wedding day for years and years to come.

Many of the couples we work with that choose to NOT get a video end up telling is that forgoing the video was the one big regret they had immediately after the wedding day. The vows during the ceremony and the toasts during the reception are said once and then they are gone. Photos will of course be able to capture a single second of those moments but with video you will actually be able to experience the vows and the toasts again and again….just as Allie & Steve will be able to do for decades to come!

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