David & Charlie’s Twentieth Century Club wedding last summer in Lansdowne was full of laughs and a ton of energy. These two couldn’t have had a better time together celebrating their wedding day and we were happy to be along for the ride. To say that neither David or Charlie were shy would be quite an understatement. Music was playing and David & Charlie were dancing in probably about 90% of their wedding photos. Both the ceremony and reception were held in the historic ballroom where the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ellla Fitzgerald would have (if the didn’t actually) sang to audiences in the mid 20th century….see what I did there? We are at weddings every weekend and all the couples we work with are excited and happy to be getting married. But David & Charlie were like “over the moon” excited and happy. I mean, look at these photos in this post of the two of them. The laughter and happy energy just jumps out of the images. Thank you so much for inviting us to share in your wedding day guys. It was such a pleasure getting to know you. All the best for a wonderful, dance filled, joyous lifetime together.