Genevieve + Henry’s Congress Hall Wedding took place just last weekend on a beautiful spring (although technically still winter) day down in Cape May. Our first trip to our home away from home this year! In all honesty and under the current situation as I type this from home……where everyone around the world currently is right now….Genevieve and Henry’s wedding day was both stressful and relaxing, if that makes any bit of sense. This whole coronavirus shelter in place was just starting to make its way out into the world and thoughts of spending the day at a wedding were stressing us out! You never know…..ya know? But we tried our best to put the stress and worry in the back of our minds. We started with Genevieve and Henry as they got ready respectively at Congress Hall and at a private family home. As the day went on and we spent more time with Genevieve and Henry our nerves subsided and we were just able to be absorbed in the joy and excitement that were all around Genevieve & Henry. They were not about to let anything diminish their excitement to be married and to enjoy the day with all of their family and friends. And their attitude, for lack of a better term, was infectious. Just being around them and laughing together helped put ME at ease. Which is basically one of our top jobs on any wedding. We are the ones who are supposed to help put couples at ease in front of the camera and to help them to enjoy the day and not feel any undue stress about the plans or flow of the entire experience. So, to you Genevieve & Henry….I say thank you. I mean it you guys, spending the day with you both especially during the time that we were walking the streets of Cape May taking your portraits was so enjoyable and relaxing. It feels wrong to say that I took something out of YOUR wedding day. But with all that has been going on for the past couple of weeks I think it’s just the truth that we can all look to give and take small things like enjoying time spent with friends, family and even very new friends. I was witness to your incredible wedding and the photos below will show how much you guys enjoyed yourselves. But we truly enjoyed ourselves just as much being with you and your family. Thank you for being so much fun. And sorry that I didn’t give you the biggest of hugs at the end of the day. The elbow bump was what we all had to settle for. All our best to you all in the coming weeks and months of uncertainty. May this soon pass for all of us. And may you two soon get to simply enjoy being newlyweds.

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