Kasia & Luke’s Aldie Mansion wedding from late May was a long time coming after their COVID postponement. But WHOAAHH…..was it worth the wait! Like, seriously….this one was something else. First, we have now been working with Kasia & Luke for the past two years from their engagement to the ceremony that they held last year on their original wedding date to the “big” wedding and reception in Doylestown at Aldie Mansion just a few weeks ago. We’ve had plenty of time to get to work with and know these two and their families over the past couple of years. So when we finally showed up on the morning of the wedding it was like the 4th or 5th time that we had spent time together so we rolled in like old friends. Speaking of friends, there was so much love and support not only from family for Kasia and Luke but all day long there was just a sense of a super tight knit community of friends that have been through a lot together. It was evident from the preparations in the morning through the ceremony and of course into the first dance, toasts and THE DANCING. AND THE DANCING….ALL OF IT. WOW.  A packed dance floor, lots of Polish wedding traditions, a polish DJ that had lots of Polish bangers playing all night….not that I recognize any of them…but it was a blast. And on top of it all, Kasia was gifted a football during the afternoon and late in the reception she stepped outside with some friends and proceeded to drill tight spiral after tight spiral into some of the guys’ chest. Some of the best passes I’ve seen….and she did it all in a wedding dress. I asked when she learned to throw like that and she simply told me that “My daddy taught me”. He must have been looking down with a grin on his face all day long but I like to think that he had a bit of a smirk at that point in the night. Kasia & Luke, I love you guys. you know this. It’s been such a joy to get to know you two over the past couple of years. I hope that this is just the beginning. All the best to you both. I’m so excited to share your wedding photos with you! *See the video feature of Kasia & Luke’s Aldie Mansion wedding*

– from Kasia & Luke –

“Pete and the whole Two17 team are the photo/video dream team. Words cannot do them justice, but to give you a little background: I spent WEEKS looking for the perfect photo/video team for our wedding. I scoured the internet, looking through photographer after photographer, album after album, and fell in love with Pete’s work. Though there are other photo/video teams that also do nice work, I promise you that there is no other team that is as friendly, fun, and that cares as much as Two17 does. This was already obvious to my now-husband and me after our initial meeting with Pete, but working with him and his team over the course of the past three years, two weddings, and one engagement session only further proved that. Their passion shows in their work- the way that they’re able to capture such beauty and raw emotion, in addition to all the fun and chaos of the day, is incredible. They also do so in such a way that makes you actually have fun taking all the pictures, it’s not something that you do just because you have to do it. Not only are the pictures/videos stunning, but you also truly feel as if you’re reliving the day every time you look back at them. Needless to say, we are obsessed with our pictures and videos. Our wedding also incorporated many culturally different aspects, in addition to another language, and Pete and the team handled it absolutely seamlessly. It’s easy to find someone with a camera, but it’s hard to find a group of people that each have such incredible talent, dedication, and that work together so well. It is clear that this is more than a job to each of them- they love what they do, and they will stop at nothing to not only capture your wedding day perfectly, but also make the day itself perfect in whatever way they can. They’re each incredible humans- you may have hired a vendor, but you will leave your wedding with new friends. We truly feel blessed to have had Pete and his team as our photographers/videographers, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. They are worth every penny and then some. Thank you Pete”!

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