Gretchen & Sean’s Super-8 wedding video was actually shot not on video but on vintage and nostalgic Super-8 film. This is real deal movie film everybody! Think old hold movies from the 60s and 70s! It’s vintage, rustic, nostalgic and freaking beautiful! So not only was Gretchen & Sean’s wedding film shot on lovely Super-8 film, their wedding took place at one of our all time favorite wedding venues, Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ. It doesn’t really get any better than this for us. This was a gorgeous wedding with a beautiful and loving family at a top venue. We were kind of geeking out all day long.

Do you love vintage style and aesthetics? Are you looking for something completely unique? Do you want to capture your wedding day in a timeless and elegant fashion? Then you, my friend want to have us film your wedding day on Super- film! For real. It’s that good.

Enjoy Gretchen & Sean’s teaser clip and happy weekend!

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