I’ll be completely honest here. I have choked up while watching this teaser clip from Corinne & Tim’s Congress Hall wedding more times than I care to admit. Jordan did such a beautiful job incorporating Corinne’s dad’s incredibly touching and emotional speech from the reception into this video. So much love, beauty and joy is captured in this short 90 second teaser video. And like I said, I have been choking back tears watching this several times. I can’t even imagine what Corinne & Tim’s 5-10 minute feature video will be like when it is finished.
Days like Corinne & Tim’s make us all the more happy to be doing what we do. The families that we work with are so welcoming to all of us here and we are very grateful to each set of families that come together and allow us to be a part of their celebration. It is a pleasure and an honor sharing our vision of each wedding day with the families that we work with. It’s cliche, for sure….but we absolutely love what we do!