Megan & Pat’s Phoenixville engagement session took place last week on a steamy mid June evening. We planned to meet at the historic Colonial Theater with it’s (The Blob was filmed here) claim to fame. But when we arrived that evening the place was covered with protesters as there was a (what shall be un-named here) speaker of controversy arriving for a presentation in the theater. If you are interested, there is a pretty easy to spot clue as to who this controversial speaker was that warranted a police escort. So we started just down the street from the theater. Phoenixville has so many great little spots to shoot in and around. We easily found all sorts of locations for the engagement session before the crowd cleared out from in front of theater.  And at sunset we ended the session right behind the Phoenixville Foundry on a very cool, rustic bridge over French Creek.  The last photo in this post is one of my favorite Polaroid images ever and I wasn’t even sure if it was going to come out as it was rather dark at that point.

Congratulations Megan & Pat.  It was a lot of fun.  I am looking forward to seeing you both again next March at Talamore Country Club! Enjoy your engagement photos.

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